Indicators Overview

image Berkshire Benchmarks regional indicators program is focused on defining long-term goals for the region and then tracking progress in achieving those goals.  Meeting our goals will take the action of municipalities, non-profits, political representatives, employers, institutions, and individuals.  Berkshire Benchmarks will work to engage the region in a conversation about specific objectives we’d like to accomplish in each goal area and how to best track progress.

Ten Goals for the Berkshire Region:

1.  A Vibrant Year-Round Local Economy
2.  Efficient and Responsible Municipal Services
3.  Sustainable Use of Resources
4.  Exemplary Natural and Scenic Resources
5.  Healthy and Diverse Natural Systems
6.  Supportive Systems for Lifelong Learning
7.  Historic and Cultural Resources Preserved For Future Generations
8.  Build Social Capital
9.  Community and Environmental Health
10.  Diverse Housing Choices

How were the goals identified?

imageThe ten goals for the region were defined by a committee of regional stakeholders convened for this purpose.  The stakeholders represented a cross sector of interests and backgrounds to offer an informed and balanced discussion.  The goals are based in input from this committee as well as a number of plans and strategies that impact the region, including:

  • Massachusetts Governor’s Priorities
  • National Indicators of Community Action Performance (As Adopted and Used by DHCD)
  • MA Sustainable Development Principles
  • Regional Plan for the Berkshires
  • Berkshire Blueprint
  • Berkshire Compact for Higher Education
  • Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Strategic Objectives
  • Berkshire United Way Community Engagement and Impact Work

We believe that the ten goals represent a comprehensive list, but it’s only the beginning.  Berkshire Benchmarks will now work to engage the community at large to discuss what we want to accomplish as a region in each of these goal areas.  This will be done on a topic-by-topic basis over the next several years. 


Please check the Upcoming Events page or contact us for more information on how you or your organization can get involved!